Gum Recession

Factors that Cause Gum Recession

Gum recession occurs when the gums begin to pull back and expose the roots of the tooth surface. Dr. J. Alexander Withers can determine if you are experiencing this condition. Common causes of receding gums in Fairfax, VA, include:

• Gum Disease
• Genetic Predisposition
• Tooth Brushing Techniques
• Dental Hygiene Practices
• Hormonal Shifts
• Using Tobacco
• Grinding Teeth
• Clenching of the Teeth
• Crooked Teeth
• Misaligned Bite
• Body Piercings

Gum Disease Affects Your Smile

Gum Recession

Preventing Gum Recession

There are several things you can do to prevent gum recession and gum disease. Preventative steps include:

• Keeping up with your dental checkup and cleaning schedule
• Refraining from tobacco use
• Using proper home care techniques
• Eating a healthy diet
• Having any issues concerning a misaligned bite corrected
• Addressing teeth grinding problems

Gum Recession and Gum Disease

Your teeth can be more sensitive when the gum tissue starts to wear away. Many people find that receding gums affect the quality of their smile and may become self-conscious when smiling as a result. Receding gums are one of the symptoms of gum disease and can also be a sign that there are some functional or mechanical issues related to your oral health. Gum recession occurs very gradually, and some people do not realize that there is a problem until their teeth become very sensitive or their teeth appear larger than normal. Since the gums do not grow back once they have receded, early treatment is essential for preserving your smile!

Common Causes of Gum Recession

Common causes of receding gums include:

• Gum Disease – This is an active infection in the mouth that destroys the gum and bone tissue.
• Genetics - Some people are at a higher risk of developing gum disease.
• Tooth Brushing Habits - If you are using too much pressure or the wrong angle when brushing, you could wear down the gum tissue.
• Dental Habits - Brushing and flossing regularly are essential for preventing gum disease.
• Hormonal Changes - Changing hormone levels can make the gums tender and prone to damage.
• Tobacco Use - Tobacco products can increase plaque and tartar formation which can lead to gum disease. In addition, smoking is a risk factor for periodontal disease.
• Grinding and Clenching Teeth - If you have a habit of grinding and clenching your teeth, this may affect the gum tissues by causing recession.
• Body Piercings - Tongue and lip piercings can irritate the gum tissue and wear it down.

Gum recession treatment options are often combined with a gum disease treatment plan. Your treatment plan may include pocket depth reduction, soft tissue grafts, and tissue regeneration.

If you do not receive the gum treatment that you need, you could end up losing your teeth. To learn more about gum disease treatment options or if you think you need treatment for receding gums in Fairfax, VA, set up your consultation with Dr. Withers today!

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