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If you have any type of progressive disease, tooth infection, or trauma to the mouth, you may experience some bone loss. Losing bone tissue can limit your ability to achieve a healthy smile with dental implants. However, with bone augmentation, implants can be an option for you.

Dr. Withers offers bone augmentation and bone grafting procedures in Fairfax, VA to replace lost bone tissue.

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Bone Loss Occurs Immediately After Tooth Loss

Bone loss of the jaw bone occurs when one or more teeth are missing because of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or any type of injury. Since there is no tooth structure to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone tissue can start to deteriorate.

The three types of bone grafts are autogenous grafts, allografts, and xenografts.

If your loss of bone is significant, Dr. Withers may recommend a bone grafting procedure before implants. This procedure restores the bone to a level that can support dental implants.
This type of graft involves transplanting bone from an area of the body, such as the chin, to the mouth. Since the bone is active cellular material, it assimilates easily with existing tissue.
Bone material comes from cadaver bone with this method of grafting and is screened for safet
Bone tissue comes from a nonhuman source such as bovine, or cow, when xenografts are chosen. These are preferred when extra bone is needed for a successful dental implant procedure.
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The Procedure

Dr. Withers will perform this procedure under local anesthesia and make an incision in the gums where the bone will be augmented. If an autogenous graft is taking place, a second surgical site will be needed to remove bone tissue from the chin. All incisions are closed with stitches and dental implants are placed when the area has healed completely.

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