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Why Choose the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®)?


Fast Recovery Time


Effective Treatment for Periodontal Disease


Minimal Discomfort


98 Percent of Patients Stable after Five Years


Higher Chance of Reattachment of Gum Tissue


Promotes Bone Regeneration


Little to No Gum Recession


Reduced Risk of Infection


Decreased Tooth Sensitivity
Osseous Surgery

Osseous Surgery vs. Treatment with Laser for Dental in Fairfax, VA

If Dr. Withers determines that you have periodontal disease and need surgery, it is helpful to know the difference between traditional gum surgery and laser surgery in Fairfax, VA. Traditional surgery typically involves using a scalpel to pull back the gum tissue and clean out the periodontal pockets. In some cases, bone grafting may be necessary. Still, most patients find that laser gum surgery, or LANAP®, is a much more comfortable and minimally invasive option for the treatment of periodontal disease. LANAP® does not require any cutting of the tissue which means that there is little to no gum recession resulting from treatment. The laser can detect the difference between healthy and diseased tissue, making it an extremely safe alternative to traditional surgery for treating periodontal disease!

Differences between Traditional Gum Surgery and LANAP®:

Traditional surgery can be painful and typically requires some downtime and pain medication. LANAP® involves only minimal discomfort and most patients return to their regular activities the same day!
Traditional surgery requires lowering the gum line anywhere from two millimeters up to 15 millimeters. This can cause a significant change to the look of your smile! LANAP® is minimally invasive and much more selective, which means you enjoy little to no gum recession.
The healing and recovery process is much faster for LANAP® because it is a new technology that does not involve incising tissue. The laser kills bacteria in the pockets which results in less inflammation and healthier tissue.
LANAP® provides more predictable results than traditional surgery and stimulates the bone to encourage tissue regeneration. This makes it possible to save teeth that might have been extracted otherwise.
LANAP: Complimentary Exam And Second Opinions

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Laser dentistry has significantly enhanced the way in which we treat periodontal disease. For more information about options with laser for dental in Fairfax, VA or to determine whether you need treatment for periodontal disease, set up your consultation with Dr. Withers today! Dr. Withers is a Periodontist in Fairfax, VA. Dr. Withers and his team are here to serve you and meet your dental needs as comfortably as possible. It is our goal to make your experience in our Fairfax VA Dental office a pleasant visit and restore your dental health quickly and professionally.

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