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Missing Teeth? You're Not Alone!

You’re not alone! Did you know that 69% of adults between the ages of 35-44 have lost one or more of their permanent teeth?
Having a tooth implant placed by Dr. Withers may be a better option over fixed bridges and partial dentures because it provides a permanent solution for replacing missing teeth in Fairfax, VA. Dentures rest on the gums and can cause gum irritation and jaw bone loss. Fixed bridges rely on neighboring teeth for support and can wear down these teeth over time. A tooth implant boasts a high success rate and is a permanent tooth replacement option.

Why Choose a Tooth Implant?

Dental Implants Withers Perio Fairfax, VA

Tooth Loss and Implants

An estimated 69 percent of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 years have lost at least one tooth to tooth decay, gum disease, or an injury. By the time 26 percent of these adults reach 74 years of age, they have lost all of their natural teeth! This is a startling statistic, but the latest advances in implant dentistry can save your smile! Dental implant technology provides more permanent options than dentures and fixed bridges for replacing missing teeth. Removable dentures can cause bone loss which affects the facial structure. Improperly fitting dentures often make clicking sounds when talking or eating. Fixed bridges require grinding down adjacent teeth and make the teeth more susceptible to damage over the long term. Still, these treatment options are considered to be safe and viable if dental implants are not possible.

Long-Lasting Solution

A tooth implant can provide better long term results for replacing missing teeth. Implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone so they are very secure. Implants are designed to mirror the tooth structure and stimulate the jaw bone which helps to prevent bone loss. Since they are made of titanium, they are also resistant to tooth decay.
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The field of implant dentistry continues to evolve and patients that received implants during the 1980s and 1990s are still satisfied with the outcome. As long as you maintain good oral health, you will find that dental implants are a lifelong solution for replacing missing teeth. For more information about dental implants in Fairfax, VA, set up your consultation with Dr. Withers today! Dr. Withers is a Periodontist in Fairfax, VA. Dr. Withers and his team are here to serve you and meet your dental needs as comfortably as possible. It is our goal to make your experience in our Fairfax VA Dental office a pleasant visit and restore your dental health quickly and professionall

**Notice: Dr. Withers offers these scans at no charge to patients who come for a Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation. However, should you request a copy of the scan there will be a $275 copy fee

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