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The Stages of LANAP

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) allows Dr. J. Alexander Withers to save loose teeth that might need to be extracted otherwise in Fairfax, VA.

The stages of LANAP® for gum disease treatment include:

• Pockets Measured
• Laser Used to Get Rid of Bacteria
• Calculus Removal
• Laser Creates a Clot
• Gum Tissue Compressed
• Bite Adjusted

Procedure for Laser Gum Surgery in Fairfax, VA

Stages of laser gum surgery

These are the stages for gum disease treatment with laser gum surgery in Fairfax, VA:

A) Periodontal pockets are measured. The first step of the procedure involves measuring the depths of your periodontal pockets with a small dental ruler. This allows Dr. Withers to determine how much loss of attachment may have occurred up to this point.

B) Bacteria removal. Dr. Withers will use the pulsed laser light to get rid of diseased tissue and kill bacteria that have caused your gum disease. Healthy tissue remains untouched, making this a minimally invasive procedure.

C) Calculus removal. Calculus, or tartar, is removed from the surface of the teeth using ultrasonic scaling instruments. The laser helps to denature calculus for easy removal with the ultrasonic device.

D) Clot formation.
The laser is passed over the area a second time to create a sticky seal of blood around the tooth. This creates a very clean environment for the healing process.

E) Tissue compression. Tissue is recompressed against the surfaces of the teeth and stitches are not necessary.

F) Bite adjustment. Dr. Withers will adjust your bite to make sure that certain parts of the mouth are not under pressure and causing any type of damage.

If you want to learn more about laser gum surgery in Fairfax, VA or think you may need gum disease treatment, set up your consultation with Dr. Withers today! Dr. Withers can provide more information about laser gum surgery and the benefits of LANAP® during your visit, and also answer any questions you may have about maintaining optimal oral health.

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