Implant Supported Dentures

Permanent Dentures Improve Your Lifestyle in Arlington, VA

Implant supported dentures fit right on top of a set of dental implants to provide a very secure fit. This type of bond eliminates the risk of slipping and looseness associated with traditional dentures. They can be removed easily for cleaning. You could also choose fixed implant supported dentures that look and function just like your natural teeth.
All-On-4 Implant Supported Dentures

How Implant Supported Dentures Are Placed

Dentures Supported by Dental Implants in Arlington, VA

Dr. J. Alexander Withers can fit a set of implant supported dentures right over dental implants. This type of bond is very secure, making implant supported dentures a preferred option over regular dentures. These implant dentures can be removed for cleaning purposes, but some patients may choose fixed implant supported dentures which work just like your permanent teeth.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures Include:

• Increased stability
• Eat and speak with confidence
• Minimal discomfort
• Strong and secure fit
• No clicking sounds

Since traditional dentures sit on top of the gums, they can cause bone deterioration and complications such as slipping. They can also make embarrassing clicking sounds when eating or speaking. Implant supported dentures are anchored in the mouth with dental implants through an attachment designed with metal bars or studs. They fit on top of the implants and create a very strong fit. No adhesives or pastes are necessary because the implant supported dentures do not shift or slip. These dentures can be removed for cleaning purposes, or patients have the option to receive fixed implant supported dentures which look and function just like permanent teeth.

Bar-Retained Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures in Fairfax, VAThree or more dental implants are place into the jaw bone with bar retained dentures. In this type of attachment, a set of metal bars are placed on the gum line between each implant and the denture sits on top of these bars. Bar retained dentures do not have complications such as rubbing against the gums or discomfort associated with traditional dentures.

Ball-Retained Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures in Fairfax, VABall retained dentures are also known as stud attached dentures and create a strong fit with a ball and socket mechanism. The base of the denture is designed with a series of sockets that line up with balls that are placed right on top of the dental implants connected to the jaw bone. This allows for an open palate denture and is less likely to slip and move. One of the biggest benefits of this type of attachment is that it restores the patient’s ability to eat and speak without difficulty.


Dentures supported by dental implants are a more secure method of replacing a full arch of missing teeth. For more information about dental implants and dentures in Arlington, VA, set up your consultation with Dr. Withers today!

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