Traditionally, a crown is made or replaced by taking an impression of the patient’s mouth; the impression is sent to a lab where the crown is carefully crafted from dental porcelain. Once the fabrication is complete, the crown is sent back to the patient’s periodontist and then put into place. This process can take several weeks to complete, which is longer than some patients are willing to wait. In these cases, teeth in a day is a solution that offers a valuable alternative. Although this is not a solution for every patient, many people can benefit from this important treatment option.   

What Are Teeth in a Day?  
When a tooth is lost, damaged, or extracted a replacement must be prepared. Traditional crowns can take time to prepare, so a new and faster option was developed. Teeth in a day reduces the wait time for replacement teeth by bringing advanced fabrication technology directly to the patient. New dental crowns can be placed into the gap without undue delay; this restores the appearance and function of teeth.  
Who Is a Candidate for Teeth in a Day?  
Each patient will be evaluated to see if same-day teeth is the right solution for them. There are many different approaches to tooth replacement and another approach may be the optimal one for you. Generally speaking, a good candidate for same-day teeth has:  
·         Lost one or more teeth
·         Has good jaw bone density
·         Has good bone quality at the site of tooth placement  
An evaluation is required before the placement process can begin. The patient will begin by being examined by Dr. Withers and treatment options can be discussed.  

Replace Missing Teeth Sooner     
If you would like to learn more about replacing missing teeth with the teeth in a day treatment, contact our office in Fairfax, VA today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Withers.