What Is Crown Lengthening and How Can it Benefit You?

Crown Lengthening Withers Perio Fairfax, VA

Many people suffer from excessive gum tissue, which may cause the smile to appear excessively gummy, as well as present a multitude of oral functionality problems. We offer crown lengthening in Fairfax, VA, restoring functionality by reshaping the gums and lengthening the crown of the tooth. This procedure can be performed if you are affected by a gummy smile or do not have sufficient tooth structure available to retain eligibility for various tooth restoration procedures.

How it Works

Prior to performing crown lengthening procedures, Dr. Alexander Withers first applies local anesthesia to the area. Once the treatment site becomes numb, Dr. Withers then creates small incisions, removing a predetermined amount of gum and bone tissue. Once this part of the process has been completed, the treated gums are reshaped for both functionality and esthetic appeal. As a final measure for the completion of the gum surgery, the area is secured with sutures, provided appropriate healing time. The final step in the esthetic or functional restoration phase may be completed once the treatment site has fully healed (typically between six and eight weeks).

Crown lengthening may be required or recommended for the following situations:

• Excessive amounts of gums and insufficient tooth surface is displayed
• When natural teeth become decayed, fractured or broken and lack sufficient structure to undergo tooth restoration procedures (such as crowns)

In these situations, crown lengthening procedures may assist in revealing a more extensive surface of the teeth, improving the appearance of a gummy smile while sufficiently supporting a tooth restoration. Crown lengthening results typically increase the improvement for both oral functionality and appearance.

If you would like to inquire about whether crown lengthening in Fairfax, VA, may be the right treatment option for your needs, call Dr. Withers at 703-997-4211 today and set up a consultation!


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