Patient Testimonials

Dr. Withers and the entire team were excellent reducing the anxiety about my gum graft. These procedures are nerve wracking and can be painful, but everything went smoothly, with very little pain, just as the team prepared me for. Dr. Wither and his team have my strongest recommendation for any periodontal work anyone would have in the future.




- Christopher Strub, Review Posted on Google



The implant process went extremely well. Dr. Withers took his time and answered every question I had. Everyone in the practice was great from start to finish and I would strongly recommend them to others.




- Roy Eichhorn, Review Posted on Google



I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Withers and the staff. The staff is very friendly and responsive, and Dr. Withers knows his trade. I have never been kept waiting at my appointment time. I visited three other highly recommended periodontists before choosing Dr. Withers and am very happy for my decision.




- Bill Yun, Review Posted on Google



This office is wonderful. The staff is always friendly and efficient. I've been seeing Dr. Withers and the same hygienist, Leslie, over the last ten years and couldn't be more happy with results. They thoroughly explain every procedure that needs to be done. And more importantly, they make you feel very comfortable. Highly recommend if you need periodontal work done!




- Karmen Lee, Review Posted on Google







- David Banick, Review Posted on Google



"All the receptionists were very pleasant and personable. Dr. Withers is very caring and professional. I highly recommend for dental work :)"




- Sarah Morris, Review Posted on Google



"My time at the office of Dr. Withers was amazing! I went to Dr. Withers after consulting with two other periodontist regarding a black spot that had developed in my gums in between my teeth. Due to the location of the spot, those two other periodontist said that they weren’t confident about removing the spot while also saving the papila. Dr. Withers graciously consulted with my second periodontist and encouraged me to make an appointment. I went in for my first appointment and immediately completed the laser treatment! Dr. Withers stated that he was confident he could remove the spot without damaging the papila. His confidence was extremely comforting and I decided to move forward with the treatment. He walked me through the procedure and made it as comfortable as possible. I visited for follow-up appointments and ultimately, the results were better than I imagined."




- Natalie Del Cid, Review Posted on Google



"Dr. Withers and his staff were great. They recommended a protocol with a follow-up in a month. It worked! No surgery necessary. Very impressed with his suggesting an alternative approach."




- Ralph Pacheco, Review Posted on Google



"I am very pleased with the dental work that Dr. Withers performed on me. Also, his staff was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly."




-Carl Morgan, Review Posted on Google



"I've been a patient of Dr. Withers since 1992. He and his staff are amazing, talented and caring. Recently I had a graft done and he warned me that it would be very painful. I don't know how he did it, but I didn't have a minute of pain or discomfort. I can't recommend Dr. Wither's and his staff highly enough. If I could give him more than five stars, I would."




-Jane Luba, Review Posted on Google



"I highly recommend Dr. Withers and his personnel. They were professional and very caring."




-Mary Martin, Review Posted on Google



"The surgery was successful, and relatively painless. The awesome staff made me feel at ease and took care of everything."




-Todd Reese, Review Posted on Google



"He is honest, kind, and very good. Other doctors wanted to pull my tooth, he said don't touch it. And he save it."




-Zoulaikha Younoszai, Review Posted on Google



"I came to Dr Withers for a tooth implant. The area of the implant was a challenge. However, Dr Withers was successful in performance of the implant. The staff was very friendly and professional at all times. I would certainly recommend Dr Withers."




-Les Johnson, Review Posted on Google



"Was referred to Dr. Withers for an implant procedure. All staff were very professional and friendly. Doctor was great all made me feel at ease."




-Bob Douel, Review Posted on Google



"I came to Dr. Withers due to several dental mistakes from other dentists. Dr. Withers came as a reference from someone else who said he was the fixer and he definitely lived up to the name. He helped remove a tooth, install an implant, and properly install a new crown. He was diligent and always gave me a detailed explanation of what he was doing, and made himself available over the weekends if issues came up. The front office staff and helpers were also very kind and accommodating to schedule changes and updates. They also helped submit for insurance. Thank you for being the fixers!"




-Mark Galvan, Review Posted on Google



"Absolutely fantastic experience! I was treated for gingival augmentation and was terrified of the grafting process. Dr Withers and the staff were super friendly and made everything easy and stress free. Minimal pain, great post op direction, and no complications. If I had to do it again (but thankfully I shouldn’t!) I would absolutely go back to this practice. Thank you guys for your kindness and professionalism and for answering all the dumb questions I had!"




-Cathleen Beltz, Review Posted on Google



"My experience was wonderful. After my procedure I should have just gone home because this is more important than work silly. However, it was painless enough that I did work at work that day. Now I have to tell myself it is OK to brush on my repair as they did such a good job. I was scared before meeting with them. I found there was no reason to be."




-Mark Tajnai, Review Posted on Google



"This is my second implant with Dr. Withers, my wife previous had implant work also. I have nothing but good to say about Dr. Withers and his very congenial staff. Implant surgery is quite expensive and entails additional office visits. It would have been nice to make payments in two consecutive months rather that pay everything at the start. However, If that is the general practice of all Periodontists then I don't have a real problem with the policy."




-Lyle Berlin, Review Posted on Google



"I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Withers and his staff. He treated my loose molar with LANAP. The procedure was painless and the result was excellent. The office was beautiful, clean and tranquil. My follow-up visits had minimal to no wait time. I highly recommend this practice."




-Jamie Lim, Review Posted on Google



Highly recommend Dr. Withers. Dr. Withers and his staff were both knowledgeable and very welcoming!!



- David Turner


Everyone from scheduling to the hygentist to Dr. Withers were great! Professional, on time, and caring.



-Sharon Oliveri Google


The entire staff and experience was professional, friendly, and efficient.


-Jeff Lamb Google


very professional and friendly - strongly recommend


-Susan Turkington Google


Dr. Withers did a great job with my gum graft. He explained everything prior to the procedure and made the experience painless. His demeanor instill confidence.


-Gort Klaatu Google


Dr. Withers is truly the best! He is warm and kind, answers all of your questions and makes you feel instantly comfortable in the office. His nurses and front office staff are wonderful. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough, I wish I could give them six stars!!


-Brigid Moore Google


Dr. Withers and his staff are great! Very efficient, friendly and professional. They were always on a timely schedule for my appointments; I never had to wait. I had a deep pocket in the back of my mouth from a problem years ago when I had my wisdom tooth pulled. Dr. Withers performed laser gum surgery and fixed the problem by filling in the gum area. I am very happy with my experience and highly recommend Dr. Withers for any periodontal work.


-Jane Webber Google


Dr. Withers and his staff make, what is usually a stress making event for me, comfortable and painless ! I would recommend Dr. Withers to anyone in need of periodontal work.


-Lynn McDonough Google


Dr. Withers is the best! I have had 3 previous gum grafts which didn't take. Dr. Withers' graft took on the first attempt! It looks great and I couldn't be happier to not have to go through that procedure again! Office is very easy to get to, convenient to I-66, and the staff is extremely pleasant. Would definitely return to this office if needed in the future! Highly recommend!!!


-Rebecca Sisk Google


This is the third time I've had to visit Dr. Withers for implant work. He is a true professional who explains every detail about what he is about to do. He checks with the patient during the procedure to ensure that she/he is comfortable, and not feeling any pain. He also makes sure that the patient knows he is available at any time she/he may have problems after the visit. His staff is also extremely professional and has excellent customer service skills.


-Thomas Forrest Google


Dr Withers and all his staff were friendly and professional, timely evaluation and great outcome


-Sharon Jones Google




Dr. Withers and the rest of the staff are absolutely welcoming and caring professionals. I was very pleased with their professionalism throughout my whole experience. Dr. Withers did a phenomenal job on my gum graft and made the whole surgery less scary. The front office was always wonderful and kind. Their follow-up phone calls to check-in made me feel like they truly cared about me as a patient. I highly, highly, highly recommend using Dr. Withers!




-Elise Haug Google




★★★★★ The absolute best in periodontal care - thank you




-Peter Hovis Google




"I went to Dr. Withers for the Lanap procedure to treat my molar. It was the best decision I have ever made. The procedure was painless and effective. During the treatment, I did not feel any pain or discomfort. After the treatment, I did not have any swelling or bleeding. There were no incisions or stitches, therefore my tooth healed very quickly. Before going to Dr. Withers, another periodontist suggested three different procedures for that same tooth: bone replacement, guided tissues, and osseous surgery which was quoted double what I paid for the Lanap treatment. Although I had to pay in advance, the office submitted the claim to my insurance and I received the reimbursement check in 2 weeks. Dr. Withers and his staff are very professional. The Lanap treatment really works. My tooth is completely healed. I highly recommend this office."





-Jackie H. Review Posted on Google





"Dr Withers was wonderful. I dislike going to any dentist at all but he made me feel very comfortable. During the procedure he was concerned about me and kept reassuring me. Best part - I didn't feel a thing. After the procedure only where he stuck a needle was tender. I had no problems at all. All follow up visits showed I was doing great. He did have to do something in one of the follow ups. Again, he reassured me and I didn't feel a thing. No problem at all. The office staff are great. I would highly recommend Dr. Withers and his staff."





-Carol D. Review Posted on Google





"Dr. Withers is a true professional and by far the best in his field for this area. Even after one of the two procedures I had done did not take on the first try, his staff would call to confirm appointments and follow up to make sure I wasn't having any problems. While the procedure isn't something I ever want to have to do again, Dr. Withers and his team made the experience as easy and painless as possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Withers and his team."





-Heidi D. Review Posted on Google





"I came to Mr. Withers on a referral and never regret it. All I got to say is these guys are one great bunch of professionals who dedicated their careers to helping people like myself to have a healthier teeth and gums. My LANAP gum treatment cleared up sooner than I could have ever imagined. The teeth and gums feels and looks great. I highly recommend them to everyone who is considering teeth and gum work. Again, Thank You"





-Mike Weston Review Posted on Google





"I just want to say that I had a great experience. Dr. Withers is very professional and he gave me the honest answers I needed in regards to my teeth and what the better option was in my case. Also the staff there in the office were very pleasant, easy to talk to and personable."





-Marcello Review Posted on Google





"Thank you, Dr. Withers and staff, for providing professional and friendly care. I highly recommend you for anyone looking for cutting edge periodontal care. The whole experience was efficient and there was minimal anxiety."





-Bethany Surf Shop Review Posted on Google





"Dr.Withers and his staff are professional, friendly and provide excellent care! I highly recommend this practice!"





-Madeline Murphy Review Posted on Google





"I have been a patient of Dr. Withers for over 20 years. I was referred to him when I was in need of periodontal surgery on all four quadrants of my mouth. I found both Dr. Withers and his staff to have been both concerned, and reassuring about the surgery. I have continued to get regular check ups and cleanings each year. Leslie, his hygienist, immediately puts you at ease and does a great cleaning!



I recently needed further gum surgery and was surprised how easy it was with the new laser equipment. No pain or discomfort what so ever! I should point out that Dr. Withers is always just a phone call away and genuinely concerned about his patients. I am very glad to be associated with this practice and am happy to refer people to him, knowing they will get the best care possible. "



-Laurie Wishner Review Posted on Google


"Dr. Withers and his fine staff were fantastic. I had a dental problem for over six months that Dr. Withers fixed with one visit. Although I had to pay at the time of the visit, his fine staff submitted the required documents that very day and I received a check from my insurance company for the complete visit right away. I highly recommend Dr. Withers for all your periodontal needs!"





-John Litzenberger Review Posted on Google


"I have been seeing Dr. Withers for years. I trust him more than my dentist!"




-HIH201 Review Posted on Google





"Dr. Withers and his team are TOP notch! They are extremely attentive, communicative about what is to take place and always on time. I highly recommend them!"




-Eric Sorenson, Review Posted on Google





"Very friendly and professional staff! All of my visits were positive experiences and they were always on time with their appointments. Dr. Withers performed my gum graft and I had no problems (during or after) and was very pleased with how easy it all went. Thanks to a great team!"




-Rebecca Harper, Review Posted on Google





"I was advised by my dentist Dr. Stephen Thomas of Strasburg, Va. to schedule an appointment for myself at Dr. Withers office in Fairfax. I was so worried about what I would be told, and what my treatment would be like that I almost didn't go! I am scared of dentists, anyone working in my mouth gives me extreme anxiety. What was I afraid of? Dr. Withers and his staff were SO NICE, they explained the procedure I needed, the benefits and why it was definitely necessary, so I felt much more comfortable. When your Doctor says do this or lose a couple teeth, LISTEN. Periodontal disease is a serious condition and if you are scared about pain, or embarrassed about your mouth, DON'T BE. They are professional, they won't make you feel bad, they will help. I had my last check up and my mouth was doing much better. I am so happy with the work at Dr. Withers office, and I appreciate their great attitudes and the time they take to explain things. I recommend this office to anyone in search of a great periodontist!"




-Shenandoah Jenkins, Review Posted on Google





"This is an extremely professional dentist, and his entire staff is outstanding. The hygienist is personable and gave me tips on how to maintain my gums. The doctor was diligent in reviewing my previous medical records from out of town and in putting my mind at ease. Their entire staff is excellent. You will be in good hands."




-Deborah Rodriguez, Review Posted on Google





"I broke a tooth and my dentist referred me to Dr. Withers for gum reduction surgery in order for my dentist to install a crown. I found his staff to be extremely courteous, helpful and friendly ... and helped facilitate the insurance claim. I loved the spotless rooms with skylights. Best of all was Dr. Withers. He was very skilled, helpful and explained what needed to happen. He prepared me for pain, but I never had any even following the surgery. Then I called for the follow-up appointment and he and his staff squeezed me in on very short notice and I was in and out in no time at all. I give Dr. Withers, his staff and his facility ... and flexibility a solid 5-STARS. I'd go back to him in a heart beat ... if every I again need his skills."




- Ron Boggs, Review Posted on Google





"Dr. Withers and the rest of the staff are absolutely welcoming and caring professionals. I was very pleased with their professionalism throughout my whole experience. Dr. Withers did a phenomenal job on my gum graft and made the whole surgery less scary. The front office was always wonderful and kind. Their follow-up phone calls to check-in made me feel like they truly cared about me as a patient. I highly, highly, highly recommend using Dr. Withers!"




-Elise Haug, Review Posted on Google





"I was referred to Dr. Withers by my dentist and was very pleased with his proactiveness and expertise. The Dr. and staff were all very personable, courteous and efficient. Should the need arise to see a specialist again, I will happily return."




-Scott Goldberg, Review Posted on Google





"I have been seeing Dr. Withers for more than 30 years. I was diagnosed with periodontal disease. Dr Withers was able cure my gum disease, by frequent cleanings and constant monitoring. I love the staff, they are so professional. Dr. Withers is the best at what he does. I would recommend Dr. Withers to anyone! Unconditional 100% recommendation!"




-Dan Dailey, Review Posted on Google





"Dr. Withers was recommended by my dentist. I found the entire staff welcoming, friendly, and professional. I also found Dr. Withers to be very knowledgable, caring, and very easy to talk with. I highly recommend Dr. Withers with any periodontal work that you might need."




-Hossein Ildari, Review Posted on Google





"The staff is the friendliest, they made me feel comfortable and they accommodated my personal needs as well. I had to halt mid cleaning several times for personal reasons and the staff was more than happy to wait while I addressed them."




-Cameron Harris, Review Posted on Google





" I have been a patient of Dr. Withers for several years and have found him to be a caring, professional and expert periodontist. He has performed numerous procedures on my teeth, the latest being the removal of a broken tooth and preparation for an implant. He is conservative in his diagnoses and does not perform unnecessary surgery. He is also very careful to ensure that you feel no pain during procedures. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking periodontal care."




-Steve Slate, Review Posted on Google





" So happy with my experience-I had heard horror stories about how painful a gum graft is but I had hardly any pain afterwards and zero complications!!! Front desk staff are very nice and friendly."




-Kimberly O'Connor, Review Posted on Google





"There are not enough stars to highlight the amazing expertise of Dr. Withers. I had gum graphting done on two areas on my lower gums. Dr. Withers provided a comfortable environment and gentle care throughout my surgery. His staff is very professional and they take pride in checking on their patients as well as answering all of their questions post surgery. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Withers."




-Kara Egber, Review Posted on Google+





" The procedure was painless, and the entire staff is GREAT."




-Trevor Holliday, Review Posted on Google







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