Dentures are valuable dental prostheses that assist people with speaking, eating, and smiling comfortably and naturally. Although the use of dentures is not uncommon among generations, they may not be the ideal solution for every patient. Dr. J. Alexander Withers treats patients seeking tooth replacement in Fairfax, VA communities. Mini dental implants are highly secure and will not slip out of place, a prevalent concern that many traditional denture users have expressed. We are pleased to announce the availability of this innovative option.  

Convenient, Stable, and Secure Tooth Replacement Solutions  

Some dental implants connect denture-style bridgework to stable, secure titanium posts that are placed directly into the patient’s jaw. Attractive, natural-looking crowns provide easy maintenance, much like traditional dentures, however, prove to be more secure. Implant-supported dentures have several advantages:  

·         Patients find this denture system more comfortable
·         No special pastes, powders, or adhesives are required
·         Chewing and biting feel much very secure
·         This is an affordable treatment solution with a high success rate  

Replace One Tooth or Several  

Traditional dentures were best able to replace a series of teeth. This sometimes left patients in need of just one or two teeth remedies, without a viable treatment solution. Dental implants can replace one tooth or multiple teeth with ease.  

Replacing a single tooth, with a mini dental implant, often incurs less time than is required to create a traditional crown. Patients report minimal discomfort during placement. Additionally, placement also requires less time than traditional dentures, expediting appointment times that are more convenient. Perhaps, one of the most beneficial aspects of acquiring new implants is the convenience of receiving them in the same day. You may begin enjoying your favorite foods again and smiling with confidence much sooner than expected.  

Schedule a Consultation Today  

If you would like to explore tooth replacement with the assistance of dental implants, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Withers. Please call our clinic at (703) 997-5742 to get started.