Summer is here, and the two things of which there is no shortage, is sunshine and smiles. Of course, if you suffer from gum disease, chances are you do not feel like smiling very much. Fortunately, Dr. J. Alexander Withers has great news. Those who suffer from gum disease can treat their condition in a revolutionary new way with the LANAP® procedure.

Gum disease is a condition that rapidly causes damage to healthy gum and bone tissue. Much of the damage happens so gradually, that many people do not suspect that there is a problem until they experience some of the more moderate symptoms of the disease.


Moderate symptoms of gum disease include:

 ·         Swollen or bleeding gums
 ·         Chronic halitosis or bad breath
 ·         Tooth loss
 ·         Receding gums or teeth that appear longer  

Gum disease does not have to continue to control your dental health, appearance, and life. Even though it is an incurable disease, it can be successfully managed to prevent further damage. Patients that undergo the LANAP® protocol treatment can live happy and healthy lives, as if they never had the disease at all. LANAP® is not suitable for everyone, so it is best to see your periodontist in Fairfax, VA, for an evaluation.

LANAP® vs. Traditional Gum Surgery  


LANAP® is a less painful and less invasive alternative to traditional gum surgery. Unlike gum surgery, no scalpels and incisions are required. All diseased oral tissue is eradicated with the use of a special dental laser. The entire process is completed within a few hours. Afterwards, patients can resume their normal activities with little to no bleeding and discomfort. The LANAP® procedure is much faster and more advantageous for gum disease patients, because it allows them to save more of their smile in the process.


If you are exhibiting any of the signs of gum disease, call 703-997-5736 to make an appointment to see Dr. Withers at the Periodontics & Implant Dentistry office in Fairfax, Virginia.