Bone Grafting: Is It Necessary for Dental Implants?
Bone grafting may sometimes be needed for dental implants because in order for dental implants to be installed correctly and efficiently there needs to be enough bone in the patient’s mouth to support the dental implant. Also, when it comes to tooth restoration dental implants if placed properly and cared for can be very beneficial for the patient in terms of regaining function. To better understand whether or not you will need bone grafting done it would be beneficial to review the different instances below:

People who have gone through Gum Disease
Gum disease can cause a person’s gum to recede which can result in bone loss overtime as well as the loss of teeth. Also, when it comes to the deterioration of your bone when a tooth is loss overtime the bone that once supported the missing teeth will begin to deteriorate.  A patient seeking dental implants who has gone through gum disease would benefit from bone grafting in order to ensure they have enough bone to support their dental implants.

Get the Procedure You Need
If you are interested in restoring any of your missing teeth, then it would be beneficial if you got dental implants installed. Contact our office to schedule a dental implant consultation so that our doctor can examine your mouth and discuss our options for dental implants and more importantly bone grafting.