Not only is it frustrating to have serious gum disease, it can also be traumatic for many patients. Many patients do not seek treatment because they are concerned that they will feel even more pain with conventional gum surgery. 


Dr. Withers, a family dentist in Fairfax, VA, provides patients with a high-tech alternative for laser gum surgery called the LANAP ® procedure. You will eventually fix your damaged gums and get back to a healthy mouth with this form of minimally invasive surgery. Four things to love about the treatment here.

1. Less Discomfort

Instead of conventional scalpel, the LANAP ® technique uses a high-tech laser to extract diseased gum tissue. This ensures you don't have to experience the pain and discomfort caused by cutting and suturing your gums. Alternatively, the laser removes the damage from your gum line with accuracy.

2. Easy Recovery

By opting for laser surgery over the conventional treatment, patients experience less downtime. Most patients will immediately return to their daily routine and don't have to worry about taking more time off from work or school to get medication for gums. 

3. Stress Free

Because this type of surgery is less invasive than many other procedures, patients with dental anxiety may feel more relaxed during the course of the operation. *Dr.Name* doesn't need to sedate you during the operation, and many patients need only a local numbing agent before the surgery.

4. Better Outcomes

Ultimately, the LANAP ® procedure helps patients suffering from severe gum disease obtain much better results. Treating advanced periodontal disease for your general oral health is much better than ignoring the symptoms. Many patients can at last start experiencing a genuine, healthy mouth after surgery. 


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