Dental implants are a procedure on the rise for both doctors and patients. The popularity is rising as the months go on, as dental implants provide a permanent solution for those individuals who are missing teeth for one reason or another. Whether you’ve lost one tooth or a whole mouth of teeth, dental implants provide a solution for you that will allow you to gain back your confidence and your full mouth strength.

Unlike dentures, the dental implant procedure provides a sturdy, everlasting result for the toothless. This is important, because while dentures are still a great solution, dental implants fully restore a mouth’s structure as well as ability to eat any foods you love to enjoy.

When you seek out to have dental implants, the first step will be to consult with your doctor on if this is a perfect solution for you. When you are a candidate, you have the proper jaw bone strength, which can withstand your new teeth, and healthy gums. If you happen to be suffering with lack of jaw bone or diseased gums, you can undergo bone grafting procedures, and gum grafting procedures to ensure the health of your oral cavity.

From here, you will choose the materials you prefer. Widely, titanium is preferred, as it is a biocompatible metal that allows for strength. Your dentist will then put in the titanium rods, which will act as your new teeth roots. An abutment is then placed onto the titanium rod, which will hold the false tooth in place. You then will have your perfect colored and fitting tooth placed on the abutment and rod, which will provide a flawless new smile.

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you can go through the dental implant procedure to regain your smile. Your dentist will inform you if you just need one implant, or full mouth implants.

Consult with your doctor on if this is a procedure that would fit your needs. If necessary, they can go over pricing associated with the procedure and any other procedures that may need to take place before the implants.

Schedule your appointment, today and regain your confidence and smile!