For the most severe cases, there’s no beating the efficacy of a scalpel in the hands of a trained oral surgeon. But for mild to moderate cases of gum disease, there’s a less invasive technique for fighting gum disease: dental lasers. Take a look at some of the many perks of opting for laser dentistry to get a case of gum disease back under control.

No Need for Anesthesia

One of the biggest perks of laser gum surgery is that most people can get through it just fine, without the need for anesthesia or even basic painkillers. Though the dental laser can kill up to 99% of the bacteria that has been hiding in pockets between your teeth and gums, you can expect only mild discomfort at the worst when undergoing laser gum surgery.

Over and Done With

Going the traditional route, you’ll need at least two weeks for your gums to heal after surgery. And once they are healed, you’ll need to visit your dentist’s office again to have your stitches removed.

With laser gum therapy, your gums will heal in roughly 24 hours. And because laser therapy is minimally invasive, you won’t receive any stitches in the first place. And because your dentist doesn’t have to stitch your gums up at the end of the procedure, or cut them open at the beginning, laser gum surgery is also a much shorter process than conventional gum surgery.


Depending on the severity of your gum disease, laser therapy may be your best option or it may no longer be an option. Once your teeth and gums face critical structural damage, there is no better way to bring a mouth back from the brink of ruin than going with traditional gum surgery.

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