Though they can’t quite live up to the efficacy of natural teeth, dental implants can help you turn back the hands of time in dramatic fashion. They can correct years of wear and tear on your teeth in a matter of months. And though they aren’t quite a one-to-one replacement of natural teeth, there is no better option for replacing teeth than to go with dental implants. And though they can’t completely match natural teeth in function, they come pretty close. Take a look at some of the top perks of going with dental implants.

No More Missing Out on Food

That perfectly cooked cut of meat, those crisp veggies, your favorite meal, the opportunity to try a true delicacy – with dental implants in, you no longer have to sit on the sidelines looking forlorn as everyone else enjoys the things you love to eat or want to try.

Even if you need dentures, those anchored by dental implants will give you stability unrivaled by another method of replacing missing teeth.

Better Smile, More Confident

Even with conventional dentures in, you might find that your confidence in your smile isn’t fully restored. But when your dentures are anchored by dental implants, you won’t have to worry about them shifting as you smile, and they won’t have a negative impact on your speech either.

Improved Speech

Whether you need a single tooth replaced or a few of them or an entire mouth or replacement teeth, dental implants help your speech sound more natural. Missing teeth can distort the sound of your words, while conventional dentures can slide around in your mouth and distort your words.

Better Oral Health

Replacing teeth with dental implants also makes for a healthier mouth because part of implanting new teeth includes removing any decayed teeth standing in their way. And with the decayed teeth removed, you’ll have less of a battle against bacteria on your hands when you brush and floss every day.

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