Ask the average person with dental implants which hurt more: having teeth pulled or having a dental implant placed? The answer you’ll likely receive is, “I’m not sure.” That’s because the process of placing dental implants is relatively painless, both literally and figuratively. Though, depending on the amount of effort you put into aftercare, you may experience mild to moderate discomfort in the days following the procedure.

How Much Discomfort You’ll Feel During the Procedure

At the implant site, you won’t feel anything after the initial prick from the needle injecting the local anesthetic. The reliable, numbing effect of the local anesthetic will ensure that your dentist can work uninterrupted by your reactions to pain. And more importantly, it also means you won’t have to suffer through pain to get your replacement teeth implanted.

General anesthesia may be an option for some patients, though almost all cases would be best served by a local anesthetic. The implant procedure takes a lot less time than many people think and can be completed with plenty of time to spare before the anesthesia wears off.

How Much Discomfort You’ll Experience After the Procedure

You’ll experience moderate swelling and tenderness at the implant site in the days following the procedure. But you can minimize the swelling and discomfort with simple over-the-counter painkillers. In a few days, the pain and swelling should subside. While it’ll still take more time for the implant and jawbone to heal and fuse, any discomfort up to that point will be short-lived.

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