If you’re looking for a periodontist in Fairfax, VA who places dental implants, Dr. Withers wants you to have the important answers to basic questions at your fingertips. That way, you can be better prepared to ask about your specific case when you come in for a consultation. Here are answers to some of the most common questions patients have about these unique prosthetics.


Who Can Get Implants?

Patients who are otherwise healthy and who do not have too much jawbone or gum tissue loss are able to get implants, from a health perspective. Sometimes, insurance doesn’t cover the procedure or covers it only partially, so some patients opt not to go with this solution due to economic reasons, but they are still often candidates for it.


How Often Do Implants Need To Be Replaced?

Unless they are damaged, implants don’t need replacement. That’s why many patients who do have high insurance copays on the procedure still opt for it. When you add in the cost of repeat procedures for dentures and bridges, implants are often the most economical alternative in the long run.


How Long Is Recovery?

Most patients are back to their regular routine, including their old diet, within two weeks. For many, it’s a week-long process or less, but the recommended recovery guidelines are 10-14 days long. As with any surgical recovery, patient progress is a better guide than a hard set of rules.


How Much Does It Cost?

There’s no one cost for implants. Between the different sizes and shapes needed, support procedures, and treatments for underlying conditions, it’s too variable to predict even before you account for the wide range of insurance coverages across different companies. If you need to know how your insurance interacts with the cost, contact a benefits specialist from your provider.


If you want to know more about the implantation process or your specific case, contact us today for a consultation. Implants represent today’s highest quality of life for patients needing replacements for missing teeth.