One of the most popular restorations at J. Alexander Withers, DDS, MS Periodontics & Implant Dentistry is dental implants. They are ideal for replacing missing teeth because they are inserted directly into the jawbone, like your regular teeth. However, they do require surgery, which makes some patients skeptical. You will feel a lot better about getting them once you hear about the numerous advantages.




One of the primary advantages dental implants have over other dental restorations is that they prevent your jawbone from deteriorating. When a tooth root goes missing, the body resorbs the jawbone tissue back into the body. With implants, your jawbone receives essential stimulation.


You do not have to worry about implants slipping or moving out of place because they remain firmly within the jawbone. With proper maintenance, your dental implants may last you the rest of your life. Many people find implants are still viable after several decades, so you may not have to worry about it again. Finally, an implant can prevent you from developing gum disease, which you have an increased chance of getting if you live with a gap in your smile.




Some people can expect to pay several thousands of dollars on implants. However, the cost varies due to the litany of factors at play. The number of implants you need affects the bottom line. Our periodontist also needs to see if you require additional procedures before moving forward. Some patients will require bone grafting or tooth extraction before the mouth can support the implant.


Some dental insurance companies will cover some or all the cost of dental implants. You should call your provider before going through with the treatment.


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