Dental anxiety is a very real condition that many people suffer from. It explains a lot of people’s aversion to visiting the periodontist. However, even though you may have a paralyzing fear of sitting in a dental chair, your oral health is important and requires the attention of a dental professional. Luckily, sedation dentistry makes it possible for even patients with the most severe dental anxiety to get the treatment they need. Here are three ways that sedation helps anxious patients.


1. Relaxed Treatment


There are a variety of sedation options available, and most of them serve the same purpose: to relax the patient. Some sedation methods begin before the visit so you can be relaxed by the time you walk into the office. Others help you to relax once you are in the chair. If your anxiety makes you fidgety, sedation can help calm your nerves.


2. More Successful Results


Sedation helps you to lie still during a procedure, which means a periodontist like Dr. J. Alexander Withers can work on your teeth more easily. This also means that you are more likely to see the desired results of your treatment because your anxiety is not inadvertently interfering with the work being doing in your mouth.


3. Little to No Memory of the Procedure


Some types of sedation dentistry can put you into a sleep-like state. Often, patients come out of this type of sedation with little to no memory of the procedure they just underwent. This may be particularly useful for those who suffer from severe dental anxiety.


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The goal of Dr. Withers and the rest of our staff is for you to have a comfortable dental experience. If you suffer from severe dental anxiety, do not let that keep you from maintaining your oral health. Contact our office today to learn more about our sedation options.