If you have a misalignment in your bit that causes your teeth to simply not fit together quite right, it can be a little uncomfortable when you rest your jaw. Luckily, there is an easy way for your periodontist to correct this. The process is known as an occlusal adjustment, and it is a permanent solution to malocclusion that can give you that “right fit” to your bite. It works for both patients whose malocclusion has been a problem from birth and those who have acquired the condition due to changes in their jaw or tooth alignment.


What Is an Occlusal Adjustment?


In the plainest terms possible, it’s a process that involves grinding and shaping the bite surface to ensure a better fit between the top and bottom of the jaw. It reduces places where the two conflict, making it easier to rest with one’s mouth closed comfortably.


Why Is Malocclusion Serious?


This problem might sound cosmetic, but the fact is that uncorrected malocclusion problems can lead to a wide variety of serious medical and dental conditions, including:


  • Loosening or even losing teeth
  • Chipping and breaking teeth
  • Bruxism
  • Hot/cold sensitivity
  • Crowding and misalignment
  • TMJ issues, including clicking noises in the jaw
  • Nerve or muscle disorders
  • Permanent nerve damage


For patients whose malocclusion is causing symptoms like these, an occlusal adjustment is necessary to relieve the cause of the ongoing damage. Only after the correction can the patient expect to be able to recover from these symptoms in any kind of long-term way.


Should You Book an Adjustment?


If you think this procedure would be helpful for your symptoms, you need to be evaluated by a periodontist like Dr. Withers to see if you are a good candidate for the process. Only after reviewing your case and your health can a determination be made. To get started, contact our practice today and talk to our staff about booking a consultation. They’ll be able to set up a time and tell you what you need!