Losing teeth is a major life change, whether you have a long time to prepare yourself for it or not. You’ve got to adjust to a new reality and new health concerns as you go through the process, and you’re also going to need to plan your tooth replacement strategy carefully. You’ve got a few options, but if you want to go with the most permanent, convenient, and natural look, you need to check out the way all-on-4 dental implants work to replace a full arch of missing teeth. What better time to do it than in early August. After all, the second week of the month is National Smile Week, so it’s a great time to figure out how to put your best smile forward.


Four Anchors for Strength and Fast Recovery


Dental implants are a strong and permanent replacement for teeth because of the way they are anchored to the jawbone to provide stability. They’re built with advanced titanium alloys and polymers designed to avoid aggravating the body’s tissues, and the all-on-4 system minimizes the number of anchors needed, leading to fast recovery times for patients. This is a great alternative to bridges and dentures for a few reasons:


  • No need to plan for replacements, not in five years or fifteen
  • No long-term dietary restrictions after recovery
  • Fast recovery—most take a week or less
  • Preserves a natural looking smile
  • Prevents bone loss and other issues resulting from missing teeth


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If you’re making plans for tooth replacement and you haven’t had a consultation to discuss dental implants yet, now is the time. Contact us in Fairfax, VA today to set an appointment. You’ll have the chance to review your case with Dr. Withers and discuss options. Most people are great candidates for implants, don’t hesitate to ask!