If you have a perfect bite, your top and bottom teeth will touch evenly when your mouth is closed. Ideally, all bottom teeth and top teeth should touch with equal pressure and at the exact same time. The top teeth will fit slightly over the bottom teeth. If some teeth are not properly aligned or some close harder than others, you may have an imperfect bite.  
Why Ignoring a Malocclusion Is a Bad Idea
The official term for this is malocclusion, and you may require an occlusal adjustment to avoid the side effects. Left untreated, a malocclusion can lead to life-long, serious problems.   
·         Damage to dentures or implants
·         Muscle or nerve damage or disorders
·         Trauma
·         Clicking noise when closing and opening the jaw
·         Teeth clenching or grinding that puts excess pressure on teeth
·         TMJ problems
·         Bone recession
·         Periodontal disease
·         Crowded or cracked teeth
·         Sensitivity to cold or heat
·         Mild pain that may become worse and require a root canal
·         Missing or loose teeth
·         Fracturing or chipping of the teeth  
The symptoms don’t just stay in your mouth. You may also feel as if your jaw is always tired, have muscle spasms in the face or neck, get headaches that are debilitating, be sensitive to temperature or touch on the face and feel uncomfortable with the way your teeth look.  
How Is It Treated?  
Your periodontist will assess the severity and symptoms of your malocclusion before determining the right way to fix it. Dr. Withers may reshape the teeth’s biting surfaces by filing and drilling, reconstruct and cracked or broken teeth and fill any cavities, prescribe night guards or splints that stop you from clenching or grinding or recommend retainers, braces and other orthodontic treatment.  
At our office, our goal is to not only give you a smile that you feel good about, but one that doesn’t cause health problems or discomfort. If you have a malocclusion and want it fixed, schedule an appointment with us for occlusal adjustment in Fairfax, VA today!