Do you have one or more missing teeth? Whether you have lost teeth due to decay, genetics, gum disease, or trauma, it is vital to seek treatment immediately. Leaving your missing teeth untreated can affect your remaining teeth, gums, and even the integrity of your jawbone. Fortunately, Dr. J. Alexander Withers is an expert periodontist who offers numerous restorative dental treatments, including dental implants in Fairfax, VA. Here are some excellent benefits you can expect from dental implants.  
Permanent Solution  
While removeable dentures are a good treatment option for many patients, you may want to consider dental implants instead. Implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth and require no adhesives, cleaning solutions, or modifications over time.  
Implants for One or More Missing Teeth  
Dental implants are flexible. Dr. Withers can place a single implant to replace a missing tooth or can use several to support individual crowns, bridges, or permanent dentures. Implants feel completely secure and function just like your natural teeth so you can feel comfortable eating, speaking, and smiling.  
Quick Treatments With Excellent Results  
Depending on your unique oral health situation, you may be a good candidate for Immediate Load Dental Implants, also known as Teeth-in-a-Day. This unique treatment can restore your smile in a single visit by replacing dentures or missing teeth. Dr. Withers also offers same-day dental implants as an immediate treatment for tooth extractions.   Improved Oral Health    
Perhaps the most important benefits of dental implants are the dramatic improvements to your overall oral health. Because implants are permanently placed into the jawbone, they function like natural teeth, stimulating the bone for healthy tissue growth. Implants also help protect your remaining teeth from excess bacteria and gum recession, and help maintain proper alignment of your jaw.  
Schedule a Consultation  
If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the right treatment for you. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a treatment that can restore your smile and protect your remaining teeth.